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Today's athletes demand a lot from their playing surface. It has to meet safety requirements, the synthetic turf fields must look and feel like natural grass, and hold up under repeated poundings without damaging. And they want all this regardless of weather conditions. With Pro Sport Classic Sports Field Turf, players can slide and tackle without fear of abrasions and impact injuries, while maintaining stable footing and traction. High performance innovation is the name of the game with Pro Sport Classic Sports Turf.

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Our extended play synthetic turf fields provides the toughness to handle hard playing athletes without the need for water or harmful chemicals and fertilizers.
The Pro Sport Classic Sports Turf System is installed using “STF” non-rubber infill. It is a coated, non-toxic, non-abrasive material that won’t grow bacteria under any conditions. In outdoor applications, STF reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the field cool under intense summer heat conditions. Dust free and non- flammable, STF is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
Pro Sport Shock Drain Pad is added to provide ample drainage and reduce the amount of excavation required under a typical rubber field, saving added expense. The pad is made from new, recycled material and is reusable. Pro Sport Classic Turf is made of soft yet strong polyethylene fibers. Pro Sport comes with a ten year performance warranty and meets G-Max ratings for safe play. Fully recyclable turfs are also available from Pro Sport, making the system the only fully recyclable system available today. The Pro Sport Classic System meets and exceeds FIFA 1 and 2 Star ratings.

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Whether the sport is football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, baseball, or softball, the playing surface has to look like grass, feel like grass, and play like grass. Pro Sport Classic Sports Turf fits the bill, making “rug burns” and playing on muddy fields a thing of the past. Pro Sport Classic increases playing time, reduces injuries and promotes a healthy lifestyle for professional and recreational athletes alike. Pro Sport Classic is all about safety and the environment, and quality, performance and durability of our synthetic turf fields are guaranteed.

Pro Sport sports field turf is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Sandlot - BWI features over 12,000 square feet of training space, including a 6,000 square foot indoor practice field covered with Pro Sport Classic Grass. Pro Sport Classic sports field turf is a two-inch woven thin blade grass that provides a natural- look playing surface. This effect is achieved by adding the right amount of sand fill material (coated with acrylic pigment) over the fiber product to produce a cushioned playing surface. That material is groomed into the carpet and causes the synthetic grass fibers to stand up, creating the look and feel of natural grass. The synthetic fill material is perfect for indoor use.
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